Berklee's Global Strategy

Global Strategy and Innovation leads the development and implementation of Berklee's global strategy.


We will propel Berklee to become the world’s leading brand in creative education through cutting-edge teaching of music, dance, theater, and technology.


We will create a global, interconnected ecosystem of campuses, centers, and partnerships that foster and inspire new artistic expressions, idioms, and ideas through leading pedagogy; development of cross-cultural fluency and creative capacity; and seamless integration of technology and online learning.


We will leverage Berklee’s brand value to expand to the areas that will witness the largest growth of youth and middle class population in the next 20 years (China and Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and India) in order to diversify profitable revenue and advance enrollment growth.

Key Objectives

  • Diversify institutional revenue and generate surplus by elevating Berklee’s brand value, thus enabling increased investment in long-term strategic objectives.

  • Diversify enrollment across all current and future learning environments of the institution by expanding in key areas that are witnessing middle class and youth population, and wealth growth in the next 15–20 years.