Developing Entrepreneurial Skills

“Musicians are inherently entrepreneurial: they listen well, improvise, and practice until they get it right. BerkleeICE harnesses students’ entrepreneurial instincts and provides them with the skills, mentorship, and resources they need to focus their vision and create a unique and rewarding career for themselves.”

A native of Cyprus, Panos Panay '94 was a music business/management major when he was a student at Berklee. In 2000, he founded Sonicbids, which became the leading worldwide platform for bands to book gigs and market themselves online. Panos served as CEO of Sonicbids from its founding until it was acquired in early 2013. His goal for BerkleeICE is to make it the creative-space version of the research labs found in institutions like MIT or Stanford.

“The music industry is ever evolving; the fusion between music and technology has changed the way the industry operates, providing many opportunities for the creation of new products, services, and businesses. We want to provide an environment where students are inspired to come up with cool ideas and then give them the tools to turn them into reality.”

Panos Panay ’94

Managing director, Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship (BerkleeICE)