Telling Unique Stories through Music

“The ultimate question of jazz is, ‘Who are you?’ Because who you are comes out in the music. I want our students to see and interact with the world and develop their own vision for what kind of artist they want to be. It’s about growing as a human being, not just as a musician.”

Like many of our esteemed faculty, Danilo Pérez originally came to Berklee to study—in his case, with the legendary trumpeter and bandleader Herb Pomeroy. The degree to which talent cycles through Berklee is remarkable, and students and faculty frequently inspire and learn from each other. They also collaborate: one of our Berklee Global Jazz Institute students, a harmonica player from Israel named Roni Eytan, is currently touring with Danilo’s band.

“I believe that it is important to nurture these young players because they are the future leaders. In the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, we take our ensembles to perform in retirement homes, hospitals, and museums. Musicians must draw from all of their experiences; the more experiences they have, the better stories they can tell.”

Danilo Pérez ‘88

Artistic director, Berklee Global Jazz Institute