Enabling Those with So Much to Give

“Coming out of high school, I knew I wanted to do music but I didn’t feel like it was an option. I ended up going to West Point for four years, which comes with a five-year active duty commitment. I knew that the Army was not going to be a career thing for me, and I knew that music was still what I really wanted to do.”

Ben Johnston has given a lot. He gave his country five years of service in the Army, including two deployments to Iraq. He gave one of his kidneys to someone he didn’t even know after reading an online plea for help. As a husband and father of a young child, Ben found that he could not justify the additional debt and financial risk required to graduate. Fortunately, this lifelong giver was able to receive the Songwriting Department’s Tom Snow Award in order to complete his Berklee education.

“This makes the difference in my being able to finish the program—and to be the most prepared to actually go out and do music in the world.”

Ben Johnston ‘15

Songwriting student