Alumni Play It Forward

Play It Forward

Play It Forward brings alumni from key communities together to give back to Berklee College of Music.

Alumni gifts to the Berklee Fund in any amount strengthen our alumni communities and provide more opportunities for current students pursuing careers in the music industry and beyond.

The goal of Play It Forward is to increase the number of alumni who give back to the Berklee Fund, so gifts of every amount count and make a big difference.

Make your gift today and check out how alumni in Los Angeles and Nashville are "playing it forward."

LA Plays it Forward

LA alumni celebrate at 2014 SoCal Alumni BrunchIn the inaugural year of Play It Forward, Los Angeles alumni made Berklee history by becoming the alumni community with the highest participation rate of giving in the world. Check out the alumni who made this possible; is your name on the list?



Nashville Plays it Forward

Bluegrass jam at the Station Inn in NashvilleNashville is the next Berklee community to take on Play It Forward, with a goal of doubling the number of alumni donors in their community this year.