Opportunities for Continuing and Returning Students

The Berklee Achievement-based Scholarship

The Berklee Achievement-based Scholarship is an opportunity for high-achieving continuing/returning students to be considered for scholarship.  This scholarship is targeted to outstanding upper-semester students who are currently not receiving a Berklee merit-based scholarship.  Students are required to submit an online achievement portfolio highlighting their musical and academic accomplishments, document their achievement in major, and gain faculty recommendations.  The annual application deadline is April 1, and awards are issued for the following academic year.  Scholarships through the Berklee Achievement Scholarship are all partial tuition scholarships with the average award issued at $5,000 per year.  To apply, continuing or returning students should login to my.berklee.edu for further information and to access the online application form.

The Endowed Funds

The Endowed Funds are scholarship funds established by named donors to assist talented students. Eligibility for these funds is based on the standard procedures of applying for scholarship consideration as a continuing student.Students typically cannot apply for these funds separately. Rather, continuing students are nominated for particular funds by applying for scholarship as a continuing student through the Berklee Achievement Scholarship process or by faculty nomination.

The Division Achievement-Based Awards

The Division Achievement-Based Awards are given to students nominated by faculty based on their outstanding academic and musical achievement and level of participation in on-campus music activities. Awards are presented at an annual ceremony held each spring.

Achievement Grants

Achievement Grants are nominal increases in aid awarded to students with Berklee scholarships and/or grants that augment financial aid packages each year. These awards provide incentives to students based on their achievement and financial need to complete their education at Berklee. Students with Berklee scholarships and/or grants who earn a minimum cumulative grade point average equal to or greater than 3.0 and also demonstrate financial need may qualify for tiered increases in aid for their second, third and fourth years at Berklee. The Achievement Grant is not cumulative. The amounts below represent the total amount a student can receive in Achievement Grant for the year.

  • 2nd year students: $800 ($400 fall and $400 spring)
  • 3rd year students: $1,000 ($500 fall and $500 spring)
  • 4th and 5th year students: $1,200 ($600 fall and $600 spring)
Enrolled students may view the complete details on my.berklee.edu.

Jazz Masters Scholarship Funds Awards

The Jazz Masters Scholarship Funds are established in conjunction with the appearance at the Berklee Performance Center of the artists named here. Varying amounts are awarded annually to musically outstanding upper-semester students.

The Alumni Incentive Awards

The Alumni Incentive Awards are scholarship funds established in recognition of the contributions of Berklee alumni. Varying amounts are awarded annually to musically outstanding applicants in the names of such artists as John Abercrombie '67, for guitarists; Richie Cole '67, for saxophonists; Al DiMeola '74, for guitarists; Abraham Laboriel, Sr. '72, for bassists; John Scofield '73, for guitarists; Steve Smith '76, for drummers; Ernie Watts '66, for saxophonists; and Joe Zawinul '59, for keyboardists/synthesists.