Residence Halls Guest Pass

Please fill out the fields below if you plan on bringing a guest into the residence halls. A separate form should be filled out for each guest. Please know that Day Passes will not be valid from 12:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m during the week and 2:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. on weekends. 

Upload a photo of your guest where the guest's face is clearly visible. DO NOT upload photos that include personal or highly sensitive information (e.g. pictures of driver's licenses, passports, etc.).
Guest Policy: Having guests in a residence hall is a privilege. You MUST ALWAYS have the permission of your roommate(s) to have any guest in your room. A guest is any individual who is present in a campus residence hall room or suite at the invitation of a resident student of the room or suite. This definition includes fellow students, family, and friends. In addition, the following stipulations apply: 1.) All guests must be 17 or older. 2.) Any non-Berklee resident must be signed in online. 3.) A limit of two guests per resident are permitted to be signed in to the residence halls at a time. 4.) You may have an overnight guest no more than three consecutive nights and no more than 10 calendar days in a month. 5.) You must be physically present with your guest at all times when they are in the residence hall. 6.) All guests must present a government-issued picture ID when entering the building. For safety and security reasons, residents are expected to only host individuals with whom they are familiar. 7.) As the host, you are responsible for registering your guest(s) online in advance of their stay. 8.) All guests (day and overnight) must be properly signed in and must carry their guest pass with them at all times. 9.) Guests are subject to the same conduct regulations as residents. You as the host are responsible for the conduct of all guests in your room. 10.) Extended guest stays (within reason) may be granted by your residence director (RD) for very special occasions; however, you must speak with your RD prior to making any plans regarding your guest. 11.) Guest privileges are limited during Thanksgiving and March breaks. 12.) Any reported abuse of this policy can result in the loss of guest privileges.