Professional Music Courses


2 credit(s)
Course Chair: Sean P. Hagon
Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
Required of: None
Electable by: All
Prerequisites: None
Department: PROM
Location: Boston Campus, Valencia (Spain) Campus

This course is for any musician interested in being more comfortable in their body and developing confidence through movement. The musician's first asset is their physical body and it is critical that performers develop a body language and awareness that allows them to fully deliver their artistic vision. This course fosters full-bodied expression through increased awareness of breath and alignment coupled with discovering one's full range of movement. Developing your senses including sight, touch, hearing and kinesthetic to enhance your overall performance skills. Communication, strength, stamina, wellness, intention, performance, and audition skills are developed thorugh movement disciplines that may include various dance forms, yoga or other somatic practices, games and improvisation. No previous dance or movement experience is required.