Strategic Planning for 2015–2018

With a new vision for Berklee in 2025 in place, it is now time to begin shaping a three-year plan—the first in a series of three such plans—to help us achieve that vision.

In February, the President’s Cabinet began the strategic planning process with a retreat that included a review of the input you provided during the vision planning process. In preparation for that meeting, we prepared a summary of those ideas, which were grouped into themes that included:

  • affordability;
  • alumni engagement;
  • careers;
  • facilities;
  • faculty;
  • curriculum and innovation;
  • new programs; and
  • student support.

Those ideas and themes suggested 20 initiatives that encompassed your input:

  • Create new programs to generate alternative revenue sources;
  • Fully integrate online and in-person learning;
  • Make the campus a world-class learning environment;
  • Offer a program in software development;
  • Create a music theater program;
  • Create a program in music video;
  • Incorporate movement and/or dance into the curriculum;
  • Create a 21st century music product publishing platform;
  • Expand our physical presence in music capitals nationally and internationally;
  • Build our capacity for research and development;
  • Create more flexible programs of study;
  • Expand our capacity to house students on campus;
  • Expand career services for students and alumni;
  • Make affordability and access a key focus in all planning and operational decisions;
  • Create new partnerships for articulation and affordability;
  • Expand alumni engagement;
  • Broaden counseling and advising services;
  • Foster faculty growth and engagement;
  • Provide instruction in languages other than English; and
  • Strengthen our programs in classical music.