Planning for Berklee's Future

Envisioning Berklee in 2025

As a college of contemporary music, Berklee must constantly examine the trends of our times, and look to the future for direction and inspiration. Over the next few months, the college will lay the groundwork for Berklee’s next planning period, from 2015 to 2025. A Board of Trustees Vision Task Force has been created under the leadership of trustee Rusty Williams, with David Mash, senior vice president for innovation, strategy, and technology, serving as the college liason. The task force is composed of:

Vision Task Force

Lewis “Rusty” Williams, chair
Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot 
Carmichael Roberts 
Department chair Matthew Nicholl
David Mash, college liaison

The board has also created teams to study the significant societal and economic issues affecting higher education and the music industry, and to help shape a vision for the quality and scope of Berklee’s educational leadership in the future. The themes identified for focus include affordability and access, technology and curriculum, careers, alumni engagement, and branding and marketing. The teams formed to study these themes and their chairs are:

Affordability and Access: Mike Dreese, chair
Technology and Curriculum: Dean Goodermote, chair 
Careers: Charles Hirschhorn and Kristine Higgins, co-chairs
Alumni Engagement: Luis Alvarez ‘83 and David Patrick ’79, co-hairs
Branding and Marketing: Pat Casale, chair 

As these teams present their findings, and as the community provides comment and ideas on these topics, we will provide feedback on the webpages for each of these themes (click on the links to view). Also as we gather community input, any further themes that emerge will be presented on Community Theme pages. Our goal is to provide an online dialog on these important topics as we collectively envision what we aspire for Berklee to be in 2025. Input may be provided through in-person meetings, via email at, via an online anonymous suggestion box, and through surveys that will be sent via email. We hope you will join the conversation.

Bold thinking about these strategic issues will set the stage for the next revolution in contemporary music education.

Crafting a Vision for Berklee in 2025

The college’s vision is a statement of what we aspire to become in the future. It should be an inspiring image of an ideal and achievable future. It must appeal to the hearts and minds of students, faculty, and administration and should distinguish Berklee from other institutions. It must indicate a clear understanding of where the college is today and serve as a guidepost for our aspirations. It must also support the college’s stated mission and be consistent with the school’s philosophy. View the Vision for Berklee in 2015

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