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In this video, you'll hear about the Berklee Piano Department's plan to deliver our comprehensive music curriculum in an engaging hybrid environment for spring 2021:

Letter from the Chair

Dear piano students,

My name is Dave Limina, and I am the chair of the Piano Department at Berklee. It is my pleasure to welcome you to Berklee! Here are a few things I would like you to know about the spring 2021 semester. 

The fantastic Piano Department faculty are excited to be able to offer in-person, on-campus private piano or Hammond organ lessons for entering students. We will have safety protocols in place to help keep you and your teacher safe. If you would prefer not to have an in-person lesson, we also have piano faculty who will teach remotely. It's your choice. 

There are lots of performing opportunities on campus and remotely in the spring semester. We are working hard to provide on-campus student venues to safely interact and create together. There will be several piano labs offered on campus that you may be able to attend, depending on your interests. We will also be offering many remote events featuring world-renowned guest artists and our faculty. 

Our remote teaching this fall has been very successful and enriching. We remain dedicated to providing you with a rich, diverse, and vibrant learning experience regardless of the manner in which you attend. The piano faculty are compassionate, and they will work to meet you where you are in your musical journey and to help you shape your path towards your goals. 

With warmest regards,

Dave Limina, Piano Department Chair

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