Facilities and Resources

Studying at Berklee comes with access to the college's performance facilities, such as the Berklee Performance Center or the Red Room at Cafe 939, our recording studios, and the Stan Getz Media Center and Library, in addition to many more studios, labs, classrooms, and performance spaces.

You'll study in classrooms equipped for playing and critical listening and you'll take your playing to the next level in Berklee's private lesson studios, where you'll receive valuable guidance, support, and feedback from the college's world-class faculty.

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Berklee's Percussion Department has numerous drum set/percussion-equipped rooms for private or small ensemble instruction and rehearsal, as well as larger group instruction rooms with audio-visual learning aids.

Percussion Rooms

The Percussion department has numerous drum set/percussion-equipped rooms for private or small ensemble instruction and rehearsal. In addition, there are larger group instruction rooms complete with audio-visual learning aids. The department offers three dedicated practice facilities fully equipped with 32 drum sets, three sets of timpani, many various marimba/vibraphones, and hand percussion rooms. The college also features 41 drum set-equipped rooms for ensembles, labs, and rehearsals. Audiotapes, CDs, and computer-generated sequences are used extensively for listening/analysis classes and for play-along purposes.

The department also offers instruction on the latest in musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) and electronic percussion technology. Private and group classes are taught using a new multi-station MIDI studio equipped with synthesizers and samplers from Kurzweil, in addition to drum and mallet controllers from KAT.

Percussion Practice Rooms

Percussion department practice facilities are located at 921 Boylston Street, 150 and 171 Massachusetts Avenue, and 25 Fordham Road (in Allston). The basement of the 171 Massachusetts Avenue building is a dedicated drum set practice facility with 18 drum set rooms, one vibraphone room and one hand percussion room.

Drum Lockers

Students can sign up for drum lockers during registration for each semester. Lockers fit bass drums smaller than 22 inches and a regular five-piece drum set. Some lockers will fit drums with cases depending on the case size and shape. Locker rentals are managed by the Housing Office, which can be reached by phone at 617 747-2292.

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