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The spring semester will be a hybrid model with both remote and in-person learning environments. For college-wide information about Berklee’s plans for the spring 2021 semester, visit

Below is a list of Percussion Department faculty who will be teaching on-campus and virtually.

For all Percussion Department faculty bios, visit

On-Campus Faculty

Drum Set:
Dave DiCenso
Jon Hazilla
Jackie Santos
Larry Finn
Bertram Lehmann
Alberto Netto
Sergio Bellotti
Skip Hadden
Bob Kaufman

Hand Percussion:
Eguie Castrillo
Ernesto Diaz
Mike Ringquist

Richard Flanagan
Nancy Zeltsman
Thomas Schmidt
Gustavo Agatiello

World Percussion:
Jerry Leake
Joe Galeota
Ricardo Monzon

Remote Faculty

Drum Set:
Kenwood Dennard
Marko Djordjevic
Ian Froman
James Murphy
Ralph Peterson
Casey Scheuerell
Tony "Thunder" Smith
Neal Smith
Mark Walker
Steve Wilkes
Fransisco Mela
Billy Kilson

Ed Saindon
Kareem Thompson

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