Winnie Dahlgren

Class of 
Associate Professor
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  • Career Highlights
    • Leader, Winnie Dahlgren Quartet
    • Member, Sukuma
    • Appearances at the Berklee World Percussion Festival
    • Appearances with Swinging Europe, Sukuma, Aarhus Sinfonietta
    • Recordings include Poul Ruder's Dramaphonia, Etc. with Aarhus Sinfonietta
  • Education
    • B.M., Berklee College of Music
    • B.M., Vestjysk Academy of Music
    • M.M., Vestjysk Conservatory

In Their Own Words

"My teaching style is a mix of my experience from my native Denmark and my years here in Boston. I draw also from my experience as an international student coming to Berklee."

"I can associate with the students, whether they have problems with the language or a question about understanding the material, because I've been there, done that. They're much more comfortable knowing that I understand, that I won't just jump on them or ignore them, but make everyone participate in class."

"Berklee is such a unique place. You get people from all over the world. And though we come from different backgrounds and different cultures, music is one language. There are different styles, but at heart it's the same. We separate the topics into harmony, ear training, arranging, private lessons, etc., but it's important to understand these are all just parts of the puzzle. It's about learning the rules, and once you do, you understand how you can then go out and break the rules."