Ted Reichman

In Their Own Words

"I emphasize different things in different classes, but professionalism and sold technical skills need to be at the core of what we do. At the same time, my goal is to always maximize musical expression and to gain a deeper understanding of how to apply that to film or any other visual media."

"I can draw from a very wide array of experiences in many different areas of music as well as my experiences making film music. All of that gives me a very broad perspective on the appraoches you can take in music in general, and in film music in particular. I can relate to a very wide range of things that students might be interested in, and maybe lead them to things and concepts that are outside their frame of reference."

"Film composers today need to have a wide range of musical, technical, and organizational abilities, and, of course, a deep understanding of film and music's role within that. The Berklee film scoring curriculum is focused on the skills that a musician will need to work in this complex, competitive, and rapidly changing industry."