Steve Langone

Assistant Professor
617 747-6919
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"I studied with Alan Dawson and use many of his approaches in my teaching. Even with technical exercises, Alan would have his students sing a song and play an exercise at the same time. It’s relevant, when playing a groove, to have a melody going on. Singing helps you internalize the physical motions; what your hands and feet are doing becomes subconscious. I’ve applied Alan’s methods to Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, jazz, funk, and other kinds of world music. Alan Dawson was and still is a great source of inspiration."

"I’ve had the good fortune of performing and recording both nationally and internationally. Through traveling, I’ve learned that music and great musicians are everywhere. Music connects us."

"When I was a Berklee student I considered ‘success’ to be able to do what I love—play music—and make some kind of living at it. But ultimately I think success comes from continuing to work towards something, always knowing there is more to learn and do. We’re never done; it’s a process that involves remembering to stay true to your soul and passion, and to keep growing. I am a success as long as I keep trying to be a success."

Career Highlights
  • B.M., Berklee College of Music
  • Composed and produced three recordings as a leader
  • Performed on more than 50 recordings as a sideman
  • Performed or recorded with Jerry Bergonzi, George Garzone, Greg Osby, Luis Perdomo, Miguel Zenon, Shawnn Monteiro, Jason Palmer, Jinga Trio and Quintet, Mili Bermejo, Nando Michelin, Enclave, Claudio Ragazzi Next Stop Wonderland, and New Stablemates, among others.