Stephen Foster

Associate Professor
617 747-8395
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  • Career Highlights


    • B.A., University of Massachusetts - Boston
    • Psy.D., Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
    • Professional experience as a consultant, trainer, and psychotherapist with specialization in music therapy

In Their Own Words

"I'm not a musician, but I do gigs, too. I have a gig as a clinical psychologist. I'm a psychotherapist with a private practice. In that private practice I work with couples and with individuals. I'm also a consultant at nonprofit agencies or nursing homes, mostly medical places. I help with staff development and teamwork, how to be better managers."

"You always learn from doing it; that informs me so I teach better. And teaching it and keeping up to date with new ideas in the field of psychology helps me to do it better. So I've discovered it works both ways."

"My job is to help Berklee students know that they're already interested in more than music, to give them tools so that they can use critical thinking and their imagination and creativity in a way that they can broaden out from just music. I get a lot of comments from students that they're grateful that this is a class that has nothing to do with music, because everything else here is music."

"Liberal arts means that there's a lot of freedom to study a lot of different things that are relevant and that matter and that are a part of a whole. And the whole is your life. So liberal arts gives you the opportunity to study things that are of interest and that can inform your life and that can sometimes spark something in you that you had no idea was there. Liberal arts is there to help people think more effectively, to problem solve more effectively. It's there to help people appreciate relationships, to appreciate the different things that are involved just in being alive. If you're interested in getting a lot more tools to use for the rest of your life, that's what liberal arts is for."