Sheila Katz

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  • Career Highlights
    • Author of Women and Gender in Early Jewish and Palestinian Nationalism (University Press of Florida)
    • Published articles on Palestinian-Israeli history and roles of women in political conflict in Arab Studies JournalInternational Journal of Middle East Studies, Middle East Journal, Harvard International Review, Association of Middle Eastern Women’s Studies, Gendering the Middle East, and Lilith
    • Travel/research in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Europe, Ethiopia, Cuba, Yucatan, and Hawaii
  • Education
    • B.A., Brandeis University
    • M.A., Harvard University
    • Ph.D., Harvard University

In Their Own Words

"We're preparing our twenty-first-century musicians to be global citizens. And I think musicians, because they have a language that transcends boundaries and cultures, are particularly positioned to be able to say something about what's going on, and to have an impact."

"I don't believe that history repeats itself. I think that we're always living in a new moment, but that the past is constantly affecting us—in our personal lives and as a society. I subscribe to the notion that the more aware you can be about what has gotten you to where you are, the better prepared you are to take the next step, to understand what's going on around you and respond to it."

"I'm always teaching history in a way that plugs in with questions people need to ask themselves as human beings. It could be issues of heart and mind, how you live between passions and hatreds, and how emotion and rationality fit together. Whether we're reading something from the Hindu Vedas or a narrative of an African slave, the issues they deal with still are relevant. People will quite regularly give me a CD of a song they've created and say they've written it as a direct result of things that we learned in class."