Sharon Broadley-Martin

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  • Career Highlights
    • Alumna, Berklee College of Music
    • Alumna, New England Conservatory of Music
    • Leader of the Ritz (1980 to 1990)
    • Arranger/composer/vocalist on Nippon-Columbia Records and Pausa Records
    • Performances at festivals including George Wein's Newport Jazz Festival in Japan, Montreal Jazz Fest, Helsinki Sea Jazz Fest in Finland, and Jazz à Vienne in France
    • Compositions and arangements published through UNC Jazz Press
    • Vocalist on various movies, soap operas, websites, and jingles (Borat, Passions,, Dunkin' Donuts, AT&T)
    • Director of All-State ensembles
    • International clinician

In Their Own Words

"Writing and singing, singing and writing—these are things I've done since I was very young. Now I teach vocal writing in the Contemporary Writing and Production Department. Here is the perfect place to give my students, many of whom are primarily instrumentalists, the inside scoop on writing and arranging for vocalists and vocal ensembles."

"Diversity with respect to cultural background is so strong here at Berklee. And what could be more diverse than the human voice? The range of possible commercial settings for using singers is vast—anything from slickly produced jingles to childrens' voices for cartoon theme songs to background harmonies and riffing in pop, r&b, and soul bands. Not to mention the variety of ranges, registers, timbres, and sweet spots to write for in soloists' voices."

"As a singer, I've performed both as a soloist and in multi-part ensembles. I've been lucky enough to record in some of the best studios, backed by well-established companies. I presently do a great deal of jingle work and background singing for TV and film. Based on my experience, I'm in a unique position to offer contemporary writers insight to a singer's approach to reading, interpreting, rehearsing, and performing their material."

"Thanks to the CWP Department here at Berklee, there exists a specific series of courses that help student writers learn how to prepare this type of material properly. I'm thrilled to be teaching this and know that I'm sending my students out into the music industry well prepared."