Sara Whitman

Assistant Professor
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"I teach LENG-111, Writing and Communication, and LHUM-100, the Artistry, Creativity, and Inquiry seminar. I teach freshman almost exclusively. I love them. It is an exciting period of transition for those coming from different countries or being away from home for the first time. There are so many new things happening and there is so much enthusiasm for the work."

"My teaching style is very fluid. I like to use current events and current topics to help students understand the world they live in and the media messages they receive, as well how language can shape and influence ideas."
"It is really important to study liberal arts. Without understanding how to do more than just music you can't live up to your creative potential or have as much depth in your artistry. You won't be able to use your music as effectively to reach out to a broader community. I want students to leave my classes with not only excitement about being at Berklee, but an understanding of their own creative skills outside of music, and how they can use those skills to support and enhance their musical talent."

"I am an active writer outside of teaching. I'm currently working on a novel, and as I move through that process I find myself drawing upon so many different aspects of my writing background and work experience. I hope that after taking my classes, students can apply their own similarly varied lenses as they work on their music."

"I try to give students a realistic expectation of how much competition and hard work it really is to succeed in the music industry. I often make my students write to ten-minute prompts. It forces them to put out an artistic product in a quick period of time. Sometimes you can't mull and ponder and wait for the muse to hit you—you have to make it work."


Career Highlights

B.A., Hartwick College

  • Professional writer with cross-industry experience, including technical writing, investment research, and private writing instruction