Polo Orti

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Career Highlights
  • Jazz pianist and composer
  • Author of Vals and Be Bop Blues, included in the Superior Music Conservatories repertoire
  • Three compositions ("Quick and Running," "Autumn," and "Tiempos Felices") included in Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, Mitchel Forman, Will Lee, and Peter Erskine’s album Reunion, which reached the top of the U.S. Billboard charts
  • Performances with Herbie Hancock, the Yellowjackets, Tete Montoliu, the New York Voices, the Eric Marienthal Band, the Michel Camilo Trio, Gary Burton, Antonio Sánchez, Scott Colley, and Julian Lage
  • B.M., Berklee College of Music, jazz composition
  • Degree in classical piano, Superior Music Conservatories from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Madrid and Valencia, Spain
In Their Own Words

"My classes are adapted to the individual needs of students trying to get to the next level. The development in the harmonic and melodic language is key to addressing the music—developing new voicings, reharmonizing, new ways of phrasing, developing the way rhythmic accompaniments work, developing piano technique, etc. I also give classes for those whose main instrument is not the piano and need an initiation to compose and make their own music with a basic knowledge of the piano."

"At this point in my life, I hope that students studying with me have a great love for music and desire to learn. I can bring my knowledge with an attitude of trust and create a good environment, where the old techniques of pressure and intimidation that some teachers in other fields of music used to practice aren't needed."

"Music is to enjoy, not to suffer, although at times the technical side of it costs us. But once the technique is learned, the goal is to have fun with music."

"The teacher is a stepping stone on which students are supported to achieve the goals they have: their playing, their personal style, etc. The teacher must make them see that they are able to reach that goal from the beginning, because really we all are qualified if we devote enough time."

"The study of great masters and analyzing their music is an important base on which students build their own road. Once you reach this level of knowledge, students can become their own teachers and continue to evolve in their own ways as self-taught, because at that time they will have their own light and their creativity will be unique. This is the most important goal that a teacher can achieve with his student."