Mili Bermejo-Greenspan

  • Career Highlights
    • Jazz and Latin vocalist, composer, and clinician
    • SESAC composer affiliate
    • Band leader; active national and international performer
    • Selected for touring rosters: Arts America, New England Foundation for the Arts
    • Panelist, National Endowment for the Arts, Arts International
    • Selected 1996 USIA/Arts America Jazz Ambassador Tour, Caribbean region
    • Featured on WGBH and NPR radio broadcast Mili Bermejo: Jazz Portrait
    • Adviser for Latin Culture Celebration at Berklee
    • Advisor for the Berklee Mexican Students Association
  • Education
    • Diploma, Berklee College of Music
    • Diploma, National University of Mexico

In Their Own Words

"I teach advanced vocal jazz improvisation from the musician's point of view. My goal is to develop solo singers with the understanding and musicianship of an instrumentalist. We have the privilege of memory and ears, so what needs to be balanced most of the time is to think as a musician."

"My choice as an educator is to communicate the universal values of music, which are melody, harmony, and rhythm. I'm a scientist that way. I share my tools so that students can become themselves."

"This is my general philosophy: to open a young mind to be curious about others. So when we explore all the Latin American song traditions, I'm trying to open avenues to my students. In Advanced Vocal Performance in Latin and Jazz we do a concert at the end. Many of them will sing in Spanish or Portuguese, even though they don't speak those languages."

"When I'm performing I'm a storyteller, and my compositions are narrations. I'm completely embedded in the creation of the music in the moment. I don't need to have deep meaning in my lyrics all the time, but I like to connect music and words to tell a story."