Laurie Monahan

  • Career Highlights
    • Performer with Ensemble P.A.N., Sequentia, and Tapestry
    • Private vocal instructor and ensemble director
    • Specialist in medieval modal repertories and contemporary classical music
    • Lifetime closet jazz singer, whose aim is to get out of the closet
    • More than 20 commercial recordings
    • Most amazing gig: Marin Alsap conducting my group, Tapestry, with the Denver Symphony in a performance of Steve Reich’s “Tehellim”…with Steve Reich running sound
  • Education
    • B.A., University of Oregon
    • M.M., New England Conservatory
    • Post-graduate study, Schola Cantorum, Basel, Switzerland

In Their Own Words

"I teach 'the art of singing' from the vantage point of a long career as a performer, recording artist, and teacher. What a joy all three facets have been! This extraordinary universal language of song is truly a marvel of creative forces merging in the human voice, via tonal colors, rhythm, text, and the soul of a singer. My aim is to assist students in cultivating these unique forces in their voices and to help them dip down into the depths of their emotional expression. This beautiful language of music defies all boundaries, and meeting each student at their current juncture is an exciting challenge."

"Contemporary styles have their own set of requirements that challenge vocal health. I am most interested in helping students meet these challenges head on, to maximize their range and strengthen the bridges between the ranges in the voice. There are no shortcuts to learning great technique. I set the technical bar high, but my teaching style is interlaced with fun and humor, as students learn the art of weekly discipline. Voices grow by leaps and bounds when the acquired technique begins to work its magic through increased laryngeal flexibility, breath support, and muscular strengthening. After all, singers are essentially vocal athletes! I want students to come away from their lessons with an understanding of exactly how their voices work and how to go work on it. I also want them to gain independence and to widen their creativity through this understanding."

"The challenge for every singer is to find your own voice, perfectly suited to your physiology and emotional expressiveness. We all begin the journey of learning by listening to and admiring other performers. However, it is mining one’s uniqueness that ultimately is so satisfying—and attracts an audience. I want to help students connect to their innate talents by ingraining a knowledge of technique that will allow their creativity to flow and will serve them naturally for a lifetime. Learning to sing well challenges both one’s physical instrument and one’s soul, and the journey is a magnificent one."

"Throughout my performing career, I’ve had the good fortune to teach singing at the college and conservatory levels. So as I’ve grown as an artist, my teaching style has grown as well. I can easily say there is no other journey I would rather have been on all these years than creating music, both with my performing groups and with my students!"