Lauren Passarelli

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"Teaching at Berklee is my main career; it's my first love. It is easy to share the things that I love about music and guitar all day. I've found that I have been able to be a mentor to my students. I don't really feel like I am imparting knowledge: I feel more like an artist in residence coaching people on how to keep their art alive. Society can be hard on artists. It's important to learn how to fit in and stay happy."

"A lot of kids who come to Berklee are struck by the magic of the songwriting process. So I feel like I'm showing them how the trick works. And the magic always comes back when they get into the emotional side of things, because they're putting their heart and soul into it."

"Some students choose me as their private teacher because of my interests in playing, writing, and producing my music in my studio. I like to find out why they came to Berklee, where they want to go, and how I can help them make choices to reach their musical dreams while staying healthy and sane. It's more than just teaching the modes."

Career Highlights


  • B.M., Berklee College of Music
  • Feather Records Recording Artist
  • Songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, recording engineer, and record producer
  • Lead guitarist for art/rock band Two Tru
  • "George Harrison" for the Beatles tribute band All Together Now (formerly known as Get Back), 1995-2007
  • CDs include Among the Ruins, Shadow Language, Back to the Bone, and Playing with the Pieces
  • Digital singles include "Sweetest Thing," "Low Tide," "Bellabye," "Time to Groove," "Mainly Distance," "Enjoy," "Thank You," "Hold On," "Great Day to Land/Happy Birthday," and "All the Words".