Kevin Harris

Assistant Professor

"When I meet a student for the first time, I try not to prescribe a particular teaching philosophy or what I think they should learn but instead I do my best to understand who they are, where they're coming from, what their musical background is, and where they want to go." 

"My own musical roots were watered in Lexington, Kentucky. There, the black gospel experience was my first and most important music education, forming firm roots that I would later confidently plant into the important traditions of swing and Afro-Carribean-based music, in performances with Greg Osby, Francisco Mela, Eddie Gomez, Avishai Cohen, Jason Palmer, Jerry Bergonzi, and Terri Lyne Carrington to name a few."

"I realize that each student at Berklee also brings a very special history of their own, and I have the opportunity to mold, water, and inspire that talent so that their roots may also grow strong. We educators at Berklee have the privilege to pass on the same joy and knowledge to our students that was passed on to us."


Career Highlights


  • B.M.E., Morehead State University
  • M.M., New England Conservatory
  • Pianist
  • Leader of the Kevin Harris Project