Kevin Bleau

  • Career Highlights
    • NYC musical theater performances include New York Musical Festival (2016) and International Cringefest (2009)
    • Composer of musicals including Roswitha, If You Want My Body, and The Mission
    • Composer or arranger for Crystal Gayle, The Platters, International Horn Society, and USAF Bands
  • Education
    • B.M., Oberlin College
    • M.A., Eastman School of Music

In Their Own Words

"I'm attracted to so many different aspects of music: performing on keyboards, voice, and trombone; writing musical theater shows, concert music, and arrangements; and studying works by masters of all styles. Since I teach in several different departments, I help students realize the importance of being well-rounded."

"All the courses I teach involve writing music, but I include a lot of ear training to get the sound of rhythms, chords, and melodies in their ear, since students are often used to learning music by ear."

"Arranging music is a very powerful discipline. Arrangers tell performers how to play by the marks they write on the page, so I tell my students to embrace that power. Be clear. Be specific. And insist that performers follow your instructions."