Joe Rogers

Class of 
Assistant Professor
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  • Career Highlights
    • Soloist and accompanying guitarist in both plectrum and classic styles
    • Incorporation of Eastern philosophy to develop the guitarist as a whole musician
  • Education
    • B.M., Berklee College of Music
    • Additional studies at New England Conservatory of Music and Boston Conservatory of Music

In Their Own Words

"In the performance phase of my life, I was a top player, but about 15 years ago, injuries took me out of the game for a year. With Western therapies I slowly got better, then nosedived. When I tried acupuncture and Tai Ch'i, my healing was almost instantaneous. Through that experience, I was driven to discover the core of my creative potential."

"As I evolved, I knew what I was learning would be of value to others. So I felt it was essential to share it, to help others discover their inner abilities and achieve their own creative potential. I've studied many forms of spirituality and healing (I'm a qualified healer) and use them all when I work with people. In fact a lot of Berklee students come to me because they know this is what I do."

"There is no difference between emotions and physical or creative abilities; everything is one unified energy. The idea of healing is to reconnect people with their inner core of creativity. As people reestablish that connection, all aspects of their life flow more smoothly. Most crucially, personal relationships improve drastically. And personal relationships are amazingly important to a musician, not just with their partners and family, but also with their bandmates and their audiences."

"I hope my students will learn wholeness, in the sense that the guitar, for instance, and the music itself, are just vehicles for expressing the creative potential within. If people don't have clear access to what is within them, what they express might stay with them as lifelong pain. You hear of musicians and artists who are extremely creative, but who have led tortured lives. What good is that? If I can help a person clear away the blocks, the wholeness of their life expression is cleared as well. Then the instrument can become the vehicle for that expression."