Joanne Brackeen

  • Career Highlights
    • Leader on 25 albums, which include over 100 original compositions
    • Performances worldwide with artists including Art Blakey, Stan Getz, Joe Henderson, Dexter Gordon, and Pharoah Sanders
    • Solo performing artist and leader of own trio and quartet
    • Annual national and international concerts and tours including the Smithsonian, the Kennedy Center, Avery Fisher Hall, and others
    • Numerous commissions for compositions
    • Author of Joanne Brackeen Master of Jazz Series, Volume 1, JPMC Books
    • Arkadia recording artist
    • New Arkadia solo piano release Popsicle Illusion on the Gavin charts
    • Original compositions arranged for big band performed at Youngstown University, Ohio and Duke University, North Carolina
    • Weekly television show in New York, Manhattan Cable TV, Joanne Brackeen Presents
    • Upcoming CD releases, Joanne Brackeen Quartet Live at the Jazz Standard featuring Ravi Coltrane, and Pepe's Favorite Cartoon (Joanne Brackeen with special guests including Paquito D'Riviera)
  • Awards
    • First CD for Arkadia, Pink Elephant Magic, nominated for a Grammy (2000)

In Their Own Words

"I always ask my students what their favorite piano players are and what their goals are. The school has goals for them, too, but almost everyone has some personal goals. Use the visualization of what's inside you and let that bloom. That provides everything. When you play the music, you're playing the life you live. When you're living, just emphasize all the things you really want to be or enjoy being. Life expands every day. If you let it, music does the same thing."

"I love all musical settings equally whether it is solo, trio, quartet, etc. If I play too much of one combination, I start wanting to do another. I like the intricacy and intimacy of a small group more than a big band because there is more room for spontaneous creativity. Right now, that's my preference, but who knows? It might change."

"What's fun about teaching at Berklee is that the curriculum is very organized and there is a new wave of students coming through who are at a high level in at least one area of their playing. You just have to fill in a little of this and that. I feel really open as a teacher. Some students know certain things, but they don't know how they know them."