Jeremy Ragsdale

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"I'm a pianist as well as a vocalist. When all is said and done, I want my private students to be well on their way to becoming well-rounded, self-sufficient professional musicians—not 'just a singer,' which as we all know has a negative connotation. We as voice instructors have a responsibility to raise the bar higher and higher for our singers, by reinforcing concepts of music theory and ear training along with their training in vocal technique and repertoire. I'm not just training singers; I'm training musicians."

"Berklee is a place where you can truly find your unique vocal sound, in whatever style you want. Where most voice programs require their students to study voice with one private teacher for their entire undergraduate career, Berklee has adopted the "it takes a village" approach to educating our voice students. Students are encouraged to jump around from one teacher to another. When I was a student at Berklee, I loved that approach. I gained amazing insight into vocal technique, improvisation, how to overcome stage fright, how to conduct myself onstage, how to interact with a band, how to write music for several different performance situations, and much more."

"When I was a student at Berklee, I was part of a vocal jazz quartet called Syncopation, which toured jazz clubs in Japan and recorded an album under Geneon Entertainment, a major Japanese anime cartoon production company. I was also a background vocalist for Patti Austin and ended up writing arrangements for the background vocalists on her Ella Fitzgerald tribute tour. These were great opportunities for me to gain real-life performing and touring experience, which I pass on to my students every day. When I started teaching at Towson University in 2006, I quickly discovered that I had a knack for directing and arranging for vocal jazz ensembles, based on my experiences with Patti and Syncopation. Today, I still perform as a vocalist in many different situations, and I have written about 15 original arrangements for vocal jazz ensembles throughout the last five years."

Career Highlights


  • B.M., Berklee College of Music
  • Lead singer for Syncopation, the Speakers, Blue Jupiter, and Raggs and the All-Stars
  • Background vocalist and vocal arranger for Patti Austin during her Ella Fitzgerald tribute tour