Jeff Largent

Assistant Professor
617 747-8100
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"I see it as my job to help students find a better sense of who they are as artists, engineers, and producers. I believe this is fundamental to finding and nurturing a satisfying career. If I focus on the nuts and bolts, it's only as a means to seeing a deeper understanding of how to use technology as an artist, producer, or engineer. In my experience, your worth in this industry is based on the caliber and quality of your work. As an entry-level person seeking that first break you don't have that body of work to present as your credentials. At the same time, no one gets their first break because they profess to be the best operator of either Pro Tools or the coffee machine. Your first break comes because you can bring more than that to the party. That something extra that tells an employer: 'This person will be an asset to my business.' I help students understand there's more to building their career than just knowing how to use equipment."

"The culture of Berklee, as well as the curriculum, recognizes that technology is every bit the instrument as is a saxophone, piano, guitar, or any other musical instrument. Students must be proficient on their tech instruments just as they would their musical instruments. But being a professional requires transcending the proficiency on your instrument and focusing on a deeper communication in creative and artistic ways. It is my goal to bring my students to that understanding."

"For my post-production class, I draw on examples from films I've worked on. Almost every lecture has some sort of reference to what I’ve done professionally. I show how every aspect of the sound is there to support the story. And how technology plays a roll not only in facilitating making those sounds but also giving them deeper meaning for the story and making a more engaging experience for the audience. In my nearly 30-year career I have worked in advertising, feature film, dramatic prime-time television, and for three years at Lexicon developing a digital audio workstation called Opus. As regional sales manager and the demo-dog for the product, I learned about interacting technology in applications I would never have thought of. I believe my professional experience has shaped me as a teacher and I enjoy drawing connections between my ancient experiences and current industry practices for my students. I believe this enriches both of us."

Career Highlights
  • Alumnus, Berklee College of Music
  • Guitarist
  • Academy Award–winning sound designer
  • Motion picture and television credits include Braveheart; Beakman's World; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; and The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.