Gregory Fritze

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"Teaching in the Composition Department is all about trying to inspire the creative process in students. Creativity is like a beam of light. It can come at any time, anywhere. Like a beam of light, though, sometimes the light is not there. Then the technique will take over. That's where composition technique can build on ideas."

"Being a composer is very similar to being a speech writer or anybody writing a composition on a specific topic. Spoken language has to be concise, it has to be interesting, and it has to be complete. That's very similar to music."

"Students who get a composition degree learn how to write their music so that other people can perform it. Very often students have ideas and they don't know how to put them down. Sometimes they don't have the experience to connect their ideas. Or in many cases, they have too many topics. Most beginning students do overwrite. We teach the students how to develop an idea completely and how to trim away the excess. And the main thing is that the students do hear their work performed. Most of what they write can be performed right here at the college."

"In addition, we teach the fundamentals of music to all Berklee students: composition, theory, and conducting. These fundamentals are necessary for everyone working in the music industry, not just performers or composers. Even a music business person working in the field will get greater respect and confidence, the more musicianship he or she has."


Career Highlights
  • B.M., Boston Conservatory of Music
  • M.M., Indiana University
  • Performer with the Boston Ballet, Rhode Island Philharmonic, and other orchestras
  • Fulbright scholar to Spain
  • Compositions published by Seesaw Music, Tuba Press, and Musica Nova
  • Recipient of a Walt Disney Fellowship and a Meet the Composer grant
  • Recipient of several composition awards from ASCAP, first prize in T.U.B.A. composition contest, and 1996 composition award "Menzione d'Onore del Premio" from Accademia Angelica Constantiniana
  • Performer and clinician in the United States and worldwide
  • Compositions performed nationally and internationally
  • Recordings on Mark Records, Crystal Records, and CRI