Germán Ramos

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Career Highlights
  • 15 years of teaching experience at UPV in electronics, audio, acoustics, and digital signal processing topics
  • Employee for professional audio companies doing research and development of digital signal processing algorithms and hardware platforms for digital audio processors and active loudspeakers
  • Regular consultant for semiconductor companies on audio-related projects and for professional audio companies
  • Author of over 30 publications in journals and at international conferences, and patent holder for digital audio filters
  • Involved in audio technology courses for musicians covering acoustics, audio effects, and sound synthesis
  • M.S., Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV), telecommunication engineering (electronics)
  • Ph.D., Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV), digital audio signal processing (2006)
In Their Own Words

“Teaching physics topics like acoustics to musicians is a challenge for both parts, students and teachers. My main objective is that my students will achieve a better understanding of the nature of sound and our hearing mechanism, and all this knowledge will help them in their compositions, mixing, and editing. Also this will help them in having a better relationship with their instruments, the audio equipment, and the rooms where they practice or perform. I prefer going deeper in the concepts, just viewing the math as a tool and not as a drawback.”

“My opinion is that we really learn by our self-experimentation, and that is why I try to do as many experiments in class as I can. All the students can have a direct experimentation of acoustics effects and wave behaviors. I want them to see the waves and have an immediate prediction of acoustic effects.”

“I enjoy having a close relationship with my students, offering them my support in software, electronics, and—why not—in life.”