Fred Bouchard

Associate Professor
617 747-8470
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"This college being what it is, I try to integrate music into the fabric of my classes, even the classes in literature. When Sal and Dean [in Jack Kerouac's On the Road] drive cross-country in a '54 Hudson, what's on the radio? It's mostly bebop, but they might have had an ear for rock and r&b as well: Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino."

"I also like students to begin thinking about other forms of art—dance, graphic arts, architecture, and theater—even if they don't necessarily use it directly. I hope students come away from my classes with an increased love for reading and writing, and a wider appreciation for the interconnections between literature and music."

"Whatever you do in life, you'll have to read and write something. If you can read with more intelligence and depth of knowledge, and write with more flair, wisdom, and expressiveness, you'll become a more well-rounded, cultured person."

"In my Music Journalism class, students write reviews of concerts, DVDs, books, and films. The important thing is to understand what the work's all about and try to communicate some of the author's or artist's meaning—filtered through your own consciousness and enthusiasm—to your reader, and get them excited about a chorus, a guitar solo, a trumpet fanfare, a new documentary, or a lyric."

"I encourage students in my Music Journalism class to submit their reviews to the Groove, other publications, or blogs, because to see what you've written, promulgated, and published is a big thrill. I still get a charge out of it, and I've been doing it 40 years."

"As working musicians, students may not have to write reviews, but they may have to understand what reviewers are considering. If they understand the critical process that goes behind writing astute reviews or articulate interviews, then they may come to a deeper understanding of their own music."



Career Highlights


  • B.A., Boston College
  • Former host, Crosscurrents (WMBR-FM)
  • Amateur chorister and clarinetist
  • Performances with Boston College Glee Club, University of Kansas Chamber Chorale, Cambridge Chorale, Brookline Chorale, Boston College Marching Band
  • Articles in Down Beat, Jazz Times, All About Jazz, the Boston Herald, the Boston Phoenix, the Boston Globe, the Patriot Ledger, Jazz Journal International, and others
  • Interviewed over 50 musicians for the Stan Getz Library's Berklee Oral History Project