Felipe Gutiérrez Reyes

Felipe Gutiérrez Reyes of Bogota, Columbia attended Five-Week and saw a drastic difference in his guitar playing. “Berklee completely changed my views on my instrument, as well as the sounds I could make out of it,” he said. “It changed my views on what a practice routine really is, it gave me the tools to explore and find my sound, it gave me the tools to become the best version of myself as a musician I can have.”
But not all of Reyes’s learning experiences were based in theory or technique. “Berklee taught me the most important lesson I’ve had in my life,” he said, “and it’s that no matter how good you are, there will always be someone way better than you, and that is beautiful because it makes you want to go on and try harder so you become not the best player in the world, but the best possible version of yourself and that is life-fulfilling.”
Students at Berklee’s summer programs study music through an approach that is not only informative, but also invigorating.
“Berklee gave me back the drive I had been missing, that drive that makes you jam until 4 AM in the practice rooms inside the dorms,” said Reyes. “Berklee gave me my dreams and my hopes back.”
“I’ve always been into my music a lot,” he said, “but after Five-Week, music itself has become the drive of my life.” Reyes said he now practices more than ever. “I’m also writing and composing jingles for TV ads lately. I still keep in touch with all my Five-Week friends!” After graduating from high school, Reyes plans to attend Berklee as an undergraduate to study music production.
“If you’re thinking on going to the Five-Week,” he said, “you have to stop thinking about it and do it. I’ll put it down to you this way: When I came back to Colombia after the Five-Week, I felt I had left home somewhere else.”