Enric Enrich

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  • Career Highlights
    • Primary specialty: private international law, copyright, and personal image rights
    • Law degree, University of Barcelona 
    • Practicing lawyer in Barcelona since 1980, currently with Enrich Advocats
    • Former chairman of the Copyright and Image Rights Committee of the Barcelona Bar Association and of the Committee of Copyright and Entertainment Law of the International Bar Association
    • Arbitrator of the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Independent Film and Television Alliance
    • Publications include the chapter on Spain in World Intellectual Property Rights and Remedies; the chapter on mobile phones and ringtones in Music Unleashed: Legal Implications of Mobile Music Distribution; and chapters on collective licensing at the Internet service provider level, live music sponshorship agreements, and personality rights in the music business in 2011 and 2012 International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL) books.

In Their Own Words

“I am aware that Berklee students normally will not come from law school and therefore will not have a legal background. I consider that copyright, intellectual property, and other legal aspects of the music industry should be taught to students or graduates with basic and entertaining language. Laws, cases, or legal doctrine as a subject may be very hard to digest otherwise. In the process of teaching, I like to explain the necessary concepts in a basic way and illustrate them with practical examples related to music copyright or music business from which the students can take their conclusions.”

“In my day-to-day practice as a lawyer, I deal often with composers, performers, producers, or concert promoters as well as with other people in the cultural industries to whom I have to explain the legalities involved in their situations with language easy to understand. I am also used to teaching at other institutions, so between teaching and practicing I have reached the balance needed to approximate the different legal and musical ‘languages.’”

“I shall try to wake up students' curiosity in legal matters that are very necessary in developing a career in a professional way, especially to avoid incurring any avoidable risks. When music becomes a business product, it is important to be aware of the key points that rule this material world.”