Ed McGrath

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"All of my classes are interactive. And I believe that learning ought to be fun. If therapy is educational, then education should be therapeutic. A social science course is required, but if you have reciprocal respect and make learning fun, then students will want to keep coming back."

"Berklee students are great: they're kind, they're peaceful. They have unique personality styles and different learning styles, but they really need a relationship with whomever they're studying with."

"I teach courses to help students with their personal and professional lives; I want my students to come away with an enhanced sense of self. In Introduction to Psychology, we get into personality theory, which gives them more appreciation for where they get their energy, how they make decisions, and things like that."

"The Essentials of Success course was originally developed for first-semester students who needed more preparation for college. But then we started getting some upper-level students, so now we have a separate section in which they formulate a plan for after they graduate. In Health and Wellness, we talk about how to perform in an optimum state for a longer period of time. We spend a lot of time talking about hearing, and after the course, a lot of the students end up getting musician's earplugs."

"The most important thing I want my students to gain is an appreciation of themselves. I'd also like them to gain an enhanced lifestyle—to improve their quality of life."



Career Highlights


  • Ed.D., University of Sarasota, Counseling Psychology
  • M.Ed., Cambridge College, Counseling Psychology
  • School adjustment counselor and psychotherapist
  • Focuses on special needs, school adjustment, and counseling
  • Professor, Institute for Rational-Emotive Therapy