Devon Bryant

  • Career Highlights
    • Project coordinator for Zebbler Studios, 2012–2018
    • Lead 3D designer, animator, and VJ for Sol Stage Envision Festival in Costa Rica,  2016–2018
    • Lead 3D designer, animator, and VJ for Treehouse Stage Infrasound Festival in Wisconsin, 2016–2018
    • Stage manager for Zebbler Encanti Experience A/V tours, 2013–2018
    • Stage manager and VJ for EOTO Projection Mapped tours, 2012–2015
    • Featured artist and grant recipient for Illuminus Art Festival in Boston, 2014, 2015, and 2017 
    • Cofounder and curator of Glitch Gallery in Charlestown, Massachusetts
  • Awards
    • Six-time Art on the Marquee grant recipient, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
  • Education
    • B.A., Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachussetts College of Art, 2004 

In Their Own Words

"I have been deeply involved with all aspects of multiple projection-mapped a/v touring shows and projection-mapped festival stages, and my teaching style is definitely informed by hundreds of show deadlines across the country over the past 10 years. I believe there is no single way to accomplish a goal, and we must constantly use creativity to guide us to new solutions. And above all, regardless of anything else, the show must go on."

"As an instructor for Music Video Production and Live Video Performance, I greatly enjoy sharing with musicians the tools and knowledge necessary to realize a fully formed visual complement to their musical projects. Whether it's in the form of a music video, a midi-integrated a/v performance, or a fully projection-mapped stage design, I encourage students to take a personal and experimental approach to the challenge. I endeavour to impart upon students the ability to think about video musically and a curiosity for all the possibilities inherent in that."