Benjamin Costantini

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“At Berklee’s campus in Valencia, I attempt to promote an inspirational classroom atmosphere and develop innovative projects with the students, such as a music industry blog or a series of hands-on assignments with local musicians. Together with industry veteran and fellow teacher Ferran Coto, I’ve founded Disrupción Records, the first student-run independent label on the Valencia campus.”

“I’m based in Paris, where I work for LeWeb, one of the most talked-about tech conferences in the world. Between June 2011 and September 2014, I was involved in the development of Midem, the yearly business-to-business event dedicated to the music ecosystem with a specialty in music business, social media, artists, and training. I have strengthened a diverse and international network of music industry professionals, managers, and high-profile executives from trade organizations, including technology and advertising leaders.”

“For over 10 years, until 2010, I was based in Cartagena, three hours south of Valencia. This is where, in 2004, I founded a music label called La Crème Records, which was identified in Spain as a grassroots movement for flexible creative commons licensing. As a music entrepreneur, I have been in charge of the release of over 50 albums, lots of shows, and some international tours (China, Central and Southeastern Europe), mostly in a collaborative framework. This experience led me to work with all kinds of performing arts professionals and to promote free culture among them.”

Career Highlights
  • Ph.D. (sociology) and M.A. (anthropology and sociology), Lumière University Lyon 2
  • Postgraduate degree in economics and business management, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena
  • M.S. (management of cultural organizations and creative industries), Burgundy School of Business
  • Founder, Objetiv@rte, a company dedicated to research support services
  • Founder, La Crème Records, a creative commons–driven record label
  • Conference manager, Midem music festival
  • Produced more than 50 albums for a wide variety of artists