Aubrey Johnson

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  • Career Highlights


    • B.M., Western Michigan University
    • M.M., New England Conservatory
    • Recording artist on Inner Circle Music label
    • Performances with Lyle Mays, Jimmy Cobb, Darmon Meader, and more
    • Recorded on Bobby McFerrin's Vocabularies
    • DownBeat's Best Collegiate Jazz Vocalist (2008) and Outstanding College Performance - Jazz Voice (2007, 2010)


In Their Own Words

"I'm teaching private voice lessons, and my students all have very different interests, ranging from jazz to pop to R&B to singer-songwriter/folk stuff. I love all of it. I'm the kind of teacher who thinks that in order to have your own personal style you need to hear and internalize a bunch of different kinds of musical styles and filter it through you to find out who you really are as an artist. I like to explore lots of different styles, and I'm glad that my students want to, as well."

"Berklee is an awesome place to study voice, because they want to nurture you—who you are, what you love. They make sure that you have a great musical foundation, as well. They teach you how to be a singer, but also how to read music and direct a band and write a chart and write your own music with intricate harmonies. They take popular music and they make it what classical and jazz have been at conservatories for years."

"Mainly I want students to be performing because they love it. I want them to feel that they're not doing it just because they're trying to get a good grade or trying to impress someone. Whatever I'm doing, I'm doing for the purpose of making an audience feel good. I want them to feel good, and I want to feel good. It's all about positive energy exchange. I've had shows where audience members came up to me and said, 'You made my night. After a long week, I feel so great now.' And, wow, so do I. That's why we do it."