Amy Merrill

Associate Professor
617 747-2804
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"My teaching approach is to use literature and writing as a way for the students to understand their own writing. We're in the middle of a big curriculum review. We're discussing ways to make the liberal arts more of an essential part of the overall Berklee curriculum, so that the courses that we teach are unique to Berklee. I think that with the new leadership here at Berklee there's more of an emphasis on the student being well-rounded. I believe that to be successful our students will want to be good musicians but also good communicators, citizens, team players. The department has just hired a full-time math teacher. He is someone who has quite extensive recording experience!"

"College Writing 2 is an introduction to literature. I'm trying to challenge myself, so I'm putting more weight on poetry. Our students, especially the songwriters, should be encouraged to read poetry."

"I want them to become more confident writers, because many students think that they are not good writers. Hopefully, they'll learn to love literature and the pleasures of reading. Berklee students are a very diverse group, ranging from students who are very uncomfortable with academic learning to students who really enjoy reading and writing and discussing other things beside music. I've had some wonderful writers. I'm trying to encourage the students to think of themselves as creative learners, with no dichotomy between literature and music."

"I'm not a musician, but I had the good fortune that my parents exposed me to very different kinds of music: classical, world, country. Music has always been a part of my writing. I wrote plays with music; now I'm learning how to write books for musicals. One of these days, I'd like to write lyrics."

"I enjoy our students because of their creativity and openness. I've had wonderful experiences, great discussions. We have to try not to be too dogmatic. I'm evolving, myself."



Career Highlights


  • B.A., Emerson College
  • M.F.A., Brandeis University
  • Active playwright