Allen Bargfrede

Allen Bargfrede is an entertainment and technology attorney and a director of music business studies at Berklee's campus in Valencia, Spain. He has experience advising music artists, record labels, managers, publishers, and producers as well as content distribution and technology companies. 

Bargfrede is the coauthor of the book Music Law in the Digital Age (2010). He serves on the Board of Trustees for the Boston Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.

  • Career Highlights
    • Founder and executive director, Berklee's Rethink Music initiative
    • Cofounder, Dot Blockchain Music
    • Managing director of Thought5, a media strategy advising firm
    • Managing director, Blue Tile Music
    • Author of the book Music Law in the Digital Age
    • Founder of the Master of Arts in Global Entertainment and Music Business program at Berklee's campus in Valencia
    • Speaker at various international events including South by Southwest, Midem, BigSound, and GrammyPro
    • Mentor for the French Tech Culture Association
  • Education
    • B.A., University of Texas
    • J.D., University of Texas
    • M.A., Northwestern University

In Their Own Words

"I try to involve students and seek their input, especially given the constantly changing music markets. Classes are built around discussions and interactive projects that merge learning from existing materials with real-life experiences and the study of current developments. This sharing of knowledge and the ensuing relationship-building with fellow students in class allows for dynamic experiences and a network that can live on long past graduation."

"Students need to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the music business, but I also want them to have critical-thinking skills that will allow them to succeed in the ever-evolving industry. Trying to teach a student about the way the industry has worked over the last 20–30 years is not going to help them move into a career that's viable over the next 10 years. Instead, critical-thinking skills and the ability to be creative and analyze different situations are vital. Because our students go on to a variety of careers, both in and out of music, I'd like them to have skills that help them in every area of life."

"The fact that Berklee teaches business in a performance school makes for a rather interesting dynamic. It means students understand the music behind the business, and everyone in the music industry knows about Berklee because there are so many students who come out of Berklee as performers. Berklee rings a bell in their minds due to folks like Aimee Mann or John Mayer or Imagine Dragons or Melissa Etheridge. It has a great association."