Adam Sankowski

Music Therapist
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Adam Sankowski graduated from Berklee in 2002 with a degree in music therapy. Now as a board-certified music therapist working in the pediatric units at Massachusetts General Hospital as well as within the Boston Public Schools, he helps children from infants to teenagers, and sometimes nonverbal students with significant special needs, find their voice through music.  

With group activities like singing, Sankowski uses music to overcome the social isolation that students often feel when they’re unable to speak due to physical or developmental challenges. Many students in the Boston Public Schools rely on augmentative technology to communicate, using devices that can say “good morning” on their behalf at the push of a button.

“For some of the very musically talented students, music is really the primary way that they can communicate and share what's going on with them,” Sankowski says. “It's a way for them to connect to the world. On a self-confidence level, it really allows some of our students to shine.”

In his spare time, Sankowski plays in several bands around the Boston area.