Cost-Saving Paths to a Berklee Degree

The level of music education and immersion that comes from completing a four-year undergraduate program on our Boston campus is unparalleled. Depending on how great a financial challenge a Berklee education presents for your family, please consider some strategies that can help make it more affordable.

Test Out of Classes

As an entering student, you'll be enrolled in classes based on your performance in a placement exam; advanced students who test out of introductory levels can be placed in as high as a 3rd or 4th semester level section. It is not uncommon for a student who places into upper-semester core classes to complete their degree program in three years.

The college’s Credit by Exam (CBX) policy allows some already-matriculated Berklee students to advance more rapidly throughout their Berklee career and further shorten their degree program. CBX can come into play in many majors and courses, but not all.

Transfer Credits from Other Institutions

Berklee has curriculum transfer agreements with schools and colleges across the globe, allowing some accepted students to enter Berklee as an upper-semester student, thereby finishing their Boston program in just over two years, in some cases. These programs exist in North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America and result in significant savings in the cost of a Berklee degree, an ideal alternative in cases where financing is a significant barrier.

Learn more about how to start your path to Berklee closer to home.

Take Courses at Berklee Online.

We have a robust online extension school, Berklee Online. For eight years in a row, it has received the award for best online course in the United States and enrolls 10,000 students per year from all over the world. If you do well in an online course and later decide to attend the physical school, those studies may help you succeed in CBXs and placement exams. Plus, some Berklee Online courses are accepted for credit once you enroll for undergraduate study in Boston.

To learn more about these strategies, please contact representatives in our Registrar's Office.

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