Pathways: A Strategic Direction for Berklee

Dear members of the Berklee community,

The completion of the merger with Boston Conservatory in June 2016 united two of the world’s preeminent music education institutions, and set the stage for creating a transformative model for performing arts education, one that provides students with a wide range of flexible and experiential options for achieving their educational goals. By creating learning pathways between the Boston and Valencia, Spain, campuses, Conservatory programs, online programs, study abroad, internship opportunities, and educational partners, we are positioned to create the world’s most dynamic and comprehensive program for music, dance, and theater education.

With music, movement, and digital technology converging, artists possess powerful new means of creative expression in the theater, on the concert stage, and through emerging platforms. This interplay of artists and modes of expression will position our institution as a leader in exploring new and original art forms, break down boundaries that isolate genres, and unleash the tremendous creative potential of the global arts community. 

Evidence of things to come is represented by strong demand for Conservatory programs—including a record number of applications for fall 2017—full enrollment by Berklee students in new elective dance courses, including hip-hop dance, and the launch of a Conservatory summer opera program in Valencia. We were pleased to announce this year a five-year dual bachelor’s/master’s program with Harvard, and a First Year Abroad program for 40 entering students at the Valencia campus.

This potential is best expressed in the vision statement for 2025 approved in October 2016 by the Berklee Board of Trustees. To achieve the vision, we will need well-integrated student-centric programs and services, innovative solutions and strategies, and a core infrastructure built on best practices. We will need to guide our decision-making with a focus on providing the best student experience, adopting a global mindset, keeping our artistic and educational values front and center, and maintaining an inclusive culture.

The strategic direction outlined here sets priorities for the years 2017 to 2020 in a quest to achieve our shared vision. These priorities are the product of open discussion within our community, challenging in their scope and ambition, and designed to affirm our leadership in arts education worldwide.

Roger H. Brown

Roger H. Brown
President, Berklee