Course Eligibility

Courses Eligible for Transfer

Berklee accepts undergraduate liberal arts courses for transfer credit. Berklee does not award transfer credit for music courses with the exception of the courses listed below, which are not part of the 24-credit liberal arts maximum for newly admitted students. However, students may receive advanced placement credit for core music courses following their Entering Student Placement Assessment (ESPA). The ESPA is administered to first semester students upon arrival at Berklee. Additionally, students who feel they have expertise in a music course may speak with the course chair about the possibility of credit by exam. (Learn more about credit by exam.)

  • History of Western Music
  • History of Rock 'n' Roll
  • History of Jazz
  • General music history courses
  • Principles of Business Management
  • Principles of Financial Accounting
  • Berklee Online courses (find a list of courses and policies at

International Baccalaureate

Many courses taken through the international baccalaureate program are eligible to be accepted at Berklee. The courses must be taken at the higher level (HL) with a minimum grade of 4 earned. Information regarding the international baccalaureate can be found at

General Certificate of Education-Advanced Level Exams

Advanced Level (A-Level) exams are accepted, provided that the official grade report is submitted to Berklee. 

Courses Not Eligible for Transfer

Berklee does not accept courses in the following fields: computer science, engineering, and physical education, and courses tailored for a specific vocation, included but not limited to auto mechanics, law, nursing, or optometry.

Berklee also does not accept the following:

  • English courses taken at international institutions where English is not the official language, or English as a second language courses
  • Foreign language courses or AP or CLEP exams when they are in one of the student’s primary languages and/or primary languages of instruction
  • High school–level SUPA, Straighterline, and massive open online course (MOOC) credits as an alternative to AP and CLEP test scores
  • Graduate level courses
  • Courses taken through a third party vendor/website