Transfer Credit Limitations

Degree Program Limitations

Berklee will accept a maximum of 24 liberal arts credits for courses that are required in the degree program. Degree program students are required to complete at least six liberal arts credits at Berklee in order to graduate. Music history courses are not included in this 24-credit cap.

Diploma Program Limitations

Berklee will accept a maximum of 12 liberal arts credits toward the general elective requirements of the professional diploma program.

Post Matriculation Transfer Credit

It is expected that students attending Berklee will take all their remaining courses required to graduate at Berklee. The college recognizes, however, that special study opportunities may arise after students matriculate. Berklee will therefore accept a maximum of three additional courses of any kind post matriculation (even if said three courses do not reach the 24-credit cap limitation). Students are encouraged to attain pre-approval transfer status from the academic records and information services specialist in the Office of the Registrar before enrolling at another institution.

Special Note: This policy does not apply entirely to students who matriculated before Fall 2009. To see which transfer credit policies apply to you, you will need to determine your catalog year. Each fall semester a new set of catalogs are created for each major, including dual majors. The following are examples of how catalogs are assigned: 2007 Fall catalog will be assigned to students entering in the 2007 Fall, 2008 Spring, and 2008 Summer; 2008 Fall catalog will be assigned to students entering in the 2008 Fall, 2009 Spring and 2009 Summer. Students may opt to change their catalog year assignment to a more recent catalog if they prefer to graduate under a newer set of curriculum requirements. Please consult the college Policy Handbook for Students for more information.

Minimum Grade

Courses must be successfully completed with a minimum grade of “C” (73 percent or 2.0) in order to be considered for transfer. Students from schools that rely on teacher evaluations rather than a grading system may still have courses accepted at Berklee if the evaluations meet transfer standards, in some instances, additional documentation may be required to complete course evaluations.