For Entering Students

Students seeking admission to Berklee are required to submit official transcripts from all previous schools attended during the Application process in order to have them evaluated. Students should send official transcripts that reflect all completed work with their Application to the college as soon as that completed work is reported on the transcripts. Each Entering class has a deadline to submit transcripts. Students can check their deadline at:

Official transcripts should be sent to:

       Berklee College of Music
       Office of Admissions
       1140 Boylston Street
       Boston, MA 02215

For information on submitting transcripts, see Transferring Credits.

Or contact the Office of Admissions with questions at 800-237-5533, 800-421-0084, 617-747-2223, or at

Transfer Equivalency Report

Questions regarding the Transfer Equivalency Report should be directed to the applicant advisor in the Office of Admissions at 617-747-2223.  (Students are assigned an advisor once they start the application process.) The Office of the Registrar performs all transfer credit evaluation after acceptance to the college. Following the evaluation of each transcript, a student receives a Transfer Equivalency Report, which summarizes the courses and credits accepted for transfer and how those courses equate to Berklee’s curriculum.

Track Transfer Credit Status Online

Entering students admitted to the college are provided with a login name and password to Students can track transfer credits online at by selecting the “View Transcript” link under the Academic Profile section. 

Additional information on transferring credits, transfer credit limitations, course eligibility and other policies and requirements can be found under the Transferring Credits link.