Rodrigo Bonelli

Rodrigo Bonelli of Brooklyn, NY, released a jazz septet album titled Septet Works. The group has received airplay on some 50 radio stations worldwide. Visit

Justin Purtill

Justin Purtill of Grass Valley, CA, released a new album of improvisational folk music entitled The Sun in Splendor on Constant Clip Records. It is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, and CDBaby. Visit

Nathalia Palis

Nathalia Palis ’04
Nathalia Palis ’04

Nathalia Palis of Stevenson Ranch, CA, is a bilingual children’s songwriter and performer. She released her second album Dream a Little (Sueña un Poquito) and has been featured on Univision and The Talk (CBS). Visit

Roy Assaf

Roy Assaf of New York, NY, started a company called C-PLNR (pronounced “C-planner”), offering career planning, group workshops, personal style, and more. Visit

Slava Tolstoy

Slava Tolstoy of Natick, MA, Ippei Ichimaru ’98, and Ben Powell ’09 form the International String Trio, and recently toured the West Coast.

John Shannon

John Shannon of Pittsburgh, PA, Benjamin Geis ’03, and Matt “MJ” Lambert ’04 make up theSHIFT, a cosmic rock trio that released their debut EP 7th Direction in the spring. Visit

Aaron Diecker

Aaron Diecker of Los Angeles, CA, is a dialog editor for Fox’s Family Guy and American Dad. He also founded a website featuring music and other top resources at

Jorge Castellanos

Jorge Castellanos of Cambridge, MA, is the head of Audreio, a desktop music production software company. Visit

JooWan Kim

JooWan Kim and the Ensemble Mik Nawooj received a Google AdWords Grant, giving the band a monthly stipend to share its music. In October, the band will be in residency at Zoo Labs, where they will record their second album. Visit

Jonathan Geer

Jonathan Geer of Austin, TX, is the pianist and composer for the nuevo tango ensemble Austin Piazzolla Quintet. The group released its third self-titled album featuring four compositions by Geer. Visit