Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell of Seattle, WA, released the album Guitar in the Space Age!, featuring Greg Leisz, Tony Scherr, and Kenny Wollesen. Visit

Albert Estiamba Jr.

Albert Estiamba Jr. of Redondo Beach, CA, released a CD with the Brian Buckley Band in November 2014.

Tony Corman

Tony Corman of Berkeley, CA, premiered the Morchestra at Birdland Jazzista in Oakland, CA, featuring Alan Hall and Laura Klein ’77. In April, the group will play at the California Jazz Conservatory with vocalist Ed Reed. Visit

Jerry Velona

Jerry Velona of Arlington, MA, released his album Love Radio, featuring Dave Limina, Anthony Vitti, Kevin Belz, Bertram Lehman, Gordon Beadle ’87, and Debbie Pierre.

Frank Kohl

Frank Kohl of Bothell, WA, released the CD Invisible Man. Visit

Richard Gavin

Richard Gavin of Chicopee, MA, retired from teaching music in the Springfield, MA, public schools in September 2014. He currently plays with the band Premier Swing.

David Kowal

David Kowal ’75
David Kowal ’75
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Leah Gunn

David Kowal of Los Angeles, CA, composed music for Refreshing Mixes by The Jazz Smoothies, featuring Jimmy Earl ’76, Scott Breadman ’75, Peter Gordon ’78, Oscar Stagnaro, Bruce Bartlett ’75, Bob Patton, Ray Frisby ’79, and Adrian Peritore ’73. Visit

Alan Palanker

Alan Palanker of Palm Beach Gardens, FL, released the Jazz Holdouts album Intuition, featuring Douglas Cooper Getschal ’75, John “JR” Robinson ’75, Michael Thompson ’75, and Jamie Glaser ’77. Visit

Jon Hammond

Organist Jon Hammond of San Francisco, CA, played in Taiwan and Germany and at the 2015 NAMM show. Last year Hammond won the Believe in Music Award at NAMM. Visit

Ricky Hana

Ricky Hana of Honolulu, HI, had his album Pau Hana on the Top 10 Google Play Hawaii chart for more than 58 weeks. His music has appeared on television on Lifetime and Showtime programs. Visit