Students Weigh In on 2015 Summer Courses

Over 4,000 course evaluations were filled out by students at the end of the summer semester. Across all departments, students found classes to be informative, challenging, and rewarding. Some stand out statistics include:

Matt McArthur: Why Should I Make a Record?

Thursday, October 15, 2015 • 7:00-9:00pm
The Loft
Enter through 921 Boylston St, 3rd Floor

Join the Student Government Association

Dear Students,

I am writing to ask that you consider joining Berklee's Student Government Association (SGA). The SGA exists to improve the Berklee experience for all students, faculty, and staff. In recent years, the group has become more engaged and vital to the health of the campus; here are some highlights:

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The St.Cecelia Street will be closed to tracffic from 7am until 3pm. Please be advised there will be a crane hoist on site for the generator equipment, work will take place at the 150 Mass Ave. roof over the 6th floor corridor. No work will need to be performed at this time inside the building.

Learn the Basics of Self-Defense

Self-Defense Classes - 3 class series start Mon. October 19, 7pm,  reserve your spot by emailing

Dance Improvisation for Musicians

Dance Improvisation for Musicians

with Gabriela Jüttner, Dance Artist and Dance Educator

1. Music is Dance and Dance is Music
- Dance Improvisation Meets Music Improvisation
Workshop Teacher: Gabriela Jüttner, Dance Artist and Dance Educator (M.A.), Germany
Sunday, October 4 from 1 - 3 pm, The Loft

Coming Soon to Faculty and Staff — WebEx

Technology Resources is proud to add WebEx, the video conferencing and web collaboration tool, to our list of services.

Over the past year, a campus wide team evaluated and selected WebEx to facilitate alternative meeting and learning opportunities at Berklee. Soon faculty and staff will be able to host a virtual meeting across campus or across the world.

Informer Upgrade

On the evening of Tuesday, October 6, Informer will upgrade to version 4.5.  This version will include, among others, the following enhancements: