Darcie Nicole

Darcie Nicole of Boston, MA, is a member of the volunteer staff at Sephardic Legacy Series, which produces events, lectures, books, and research about Jews from the Middle East, Spain, Portugal, North Africa, South America, and Central Asia. Her Jewish-themed song “Covering” (a collaboration with Jaeo Tolbert ’89) is featured on the Soulkore Productions She Said Revisited 2015 compilation.

Matthew Cahoon

Matthew Cahoon of Coventry, RI, and his electronica-pop project, Everpresent, released the album Introspekt, featuring Ryan Hinkle ’11 (engineering and coproduction), Balint Boldog ’09 (drums), and vocalist Cat Waltzer. The band released a video for the song “In My Veins” featuring Alex Knutzen ’04.

Wang Lee-Hom

Wang Lee-Hom of New York CIty starred in the movie Blackhat, directed and produced by Michael Mann.

Avishai Cohen

Trumpeter Avishai Cohen of Brooklyn, NY, released the album Dark Nights with his trio Triveni featuring drummer Nasheet Watts and bassist Omer Avital.

Jerome Sabbagh

Saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh of Brooklyn, NY, released the album The Turn on vinyl, funded by a Kickstarter campaign, featuring Ben Monder, Joe Martin, and Ted Poor. Visit jeromesabbagh.com.

Glenn Guay

Glenn Guay of Dayville, CT, plays guitar on the album For Our Freedom and Yours by indie folk-rock group Hans Kraenzlin. The group recently toured Western Europe. Visit hanskraenzlin.com.

Hugo Fernandez

Hugo Ferrnandez ’98
Hugo Ferrnandez ’98

Guitarist Hugo Fernandez of Madrid, Spain, released the CD Cosmogram featuring his jazz compositions played by drummer Antonio Sanchez ’97, saxophonist Ariel Bringuez, and bassist Antonio Miguel.

Anat Cohen

Anat Cohen of New York City released the album Luminosa. The music features Brazilian tunes penned by Milton Nascimento, Romero Lubambo, and others as well as four of Cohen’s originals.

Chris Ward

Chris Ward of Eugene, OR, has been touring the world as the guitarist for swing band the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. The band completed a recording of 14 Prohibition-era swing tunes, featuring Ward on guitar and tenor banjo.

Monique Mizrahi

In May, Monique Mizrahi of Brooklyn, NY, released the album Out Comes Woman. It appeared via DSD (direct stream digital) in Japan. Visit honeybird.net.