2015 Scholarship Recipients

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Vocalist Starr Desmond, East Boston, MA

Vocalist Mahamma Germain, Hyde Park, MA

Bassist Christoff Glaude, Mattapan, MA

Guitarist Antonio Shiell-Loomis, Boston, MA

Pianist Joshua Sutherland, Mattapan, MA

Pianist Michael Gloria, Scottsdale, AZ

Pianist Keirnan Johnson, Peoria, AZ

Vocalist Sarah Khatami, Wexford, PA

Bassist Chenni Li, Rowland Heights, CA

Bassist David McKinzie, Memphis, TN

Bassist Antonio Robinson, Philadelphia, PA

Pianist Briana Washington, Hercules, CA

Vocalist Britani Washington, Hercules, CA

Opportunity: Music Producer/Arranger for major entertainment companies

The IMAGINATION HOUSE is currently looking for 1 or 2 qualified arranger/producers.


The Imagination House is an established creative house and production facility based in Orlando, Florida, with a 20 year history of working with clients who are worldwide leaders in the entertainment and leisure industry.


Faculty Profile: Vessela Stoyanova

Ryan Fleming

Watching assistant professor Vessela Stoyanova ’00 perform live with her band Bury Me Standing, one realizes that she is probably the only faculty member whose style blends elements of traditional Balkan vocal music, punk, and odd meters. Oh, and she plays it all on a MIDI-controlled marimba that emits sounds ranging from vibraphone to accordion to distorted guitar.

Musicians as Cultural Communicators

Jason Camelio

Students come to Berklee to learn a range of skills and approaches to find success in the world of music. They bring with them a wealth of life and cultural experiences that enrich the community and are ultimately transmitted through their interactions with one another as well as with staff and faculty members. By sharing their traditions and music, students gain a heightened sense of cultural and musical values and find new and creative ways to merge them with what they are learning.

George Russell Jr. Named Harmony Chair

George Russell Jr. has been chosen as the new chair of the Harmony Department. Known to students and fellow faculty members, Russell’s philosophy is “inspired to do” as opposed to “required to do.”

Driessen Takes Valencia Post

Casey Driessen ’00 has been named as the director of the master’s degree program in contemporary performance with production concentration at the Valencia campus. Driessen has gained renown playing five-string fiddle on tours by Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, Tim O’Brien, and Darrell Scott.

Open Enrollment is ALMOST OVER!

Open Enrollment is your annual chance to make benefit changes for 2016. 

It takes place from October 19 to November 9 this year.

It’s your opportunity to change your medical and dental plans.  Or add or remove eligible family members to your insurance.  Or enroll or re-enroll in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for 2016 year.

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Berklee's Mindfulness Book Club: Real Happiness at Work

In recent years, companies and colleges have increasingly embraced mindfulness practices as a way of increasing satisfaction and decreasing stress in the workplace. Those organizations include Google, Adobe, Apple, Target, Harvard Business School, and many others.

How about Berklee?

Entering Students Show Increase in Overall Ensemble Ratings

Entering Students at Berklee are assessed on their overall ensemble ratings and their placement in various courses. Berklee's Fall 2015 incoming class has generally strong overall ensemble ratings, with most departments at or above their 10-year averages. In addition, placement in upper level Ear Training and Harmony courses grew for the second consecutive year.


Hit Maker Charlie Puth Addresses Summer Students

Kim Ashton

In early August, with his single “See You Again” from the Furious 7 movie soundtrack still perched near the top of the Hot 100 (where it spent 12 weeks at number one), singer/songwriter Charlie Puth ‘13 returned to campus to talk to students enrolled the summer program.